Should You Date An African Woman? (Junk Pile Video Hangout)
10 Jun 2017

Should You Date An African Woman? (Junk Pile Video Hangout)

Welcome back to another episode of the Oshay Vlog Cast. Today we are hanging out with Youtuber Junk Pile Video and he can be subscribed to here:



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  2. F paying that dowry. that girl better roll with me

  3. There are pros and cons to everything. Africa is a huge continent with over 50 countries. You can't really say 'African' as you can 'European'. A Bantu in Kenya is night and day than an Ashanti in Ghana just like a Swede is night day different than an Italian. There are tons and tons of great women there. However, there are tons and tons of bedwenches. A lot. This also is a low key diss on American black women. There are good and bad American 'sisters' as well. All I can say is do your research. I've been to the motherland, there are good and bad. Don't expect to be seen as some long lost son who came back home. You are American and seen almost as much a foreigner as a white American. For the American sisters, African men love American black women but some of it is a 'come up'. If you date one, make sure they are middle class and you fully research the culture. How patriarchal, etc, that tribe or culture is. Which brings up the point. Africa is all tribal. A Kenyan connects with his tribe not another Kenyan from another tribe….usually. Same with the other countries. They tend to marry within their tribe. Not all the time but most of the time. Nairobi is a nice city. Traffic is crazy at rush hour but the weather is great year round and the apartment prices aren't too bad.

  4. idk but the MEN NO….never met a respectful Afri Man… maybe the women are different tho… they're gorgeous as ever and if they deal with the men personalities then maybe they have a kind spirit

  5. im dating an african woman now, what a better experience, she cooks, cleans, affectionate, complains if i spend money on her, much better than them lazy i want gimme gimme american women

  6. Most west African women are as messed up as most African American women very materialistic unless u go to the village.

  7. I think it's a good idea for black men to date African women or black women from other countries. If this happens some of my fellow black women would not be able to use the he's a coon excuse, because your still dating a women who is black. It would force most of us to look at our bad behavior, because we would know for sure that the issue is not race or skin color. We would realize the the issue is our western way of thinking (feminism) and the way some of us treat our men.

  8. Site seems dangerous

  9. I want to go to South Africa I heard the women are gorgeous like American women and have ass and legs as thick as Gold

  10. Fuck blacks who intermingle with Caucasoids!

  11. Maybe if she's as hot as the one in the thumbnail 😏

  12. can you do one whole week of just you doing your video on your channel jeez nigga this is why when i get my job i still wont give your money because you forget that this is your channel

  13. please don't date an African woman.
    please don't.

  14. this nigga story is some extreme shit

  15. niggas do not have control of their reality….. which is why we search outside of ourselves for just about everything

  16. I believe all black men need to work together. build things together and get African wives to make a new community. the little percent of good level headed African American women can join the community also no swirlers.

  17. … I don't. Their always hella fat or hella skinny never in that Goldilocks zone. Way too dark for my taste. Have an annoying accent. And always smell like Tattooine and coconut oil. And always says Tree instead of Three.😒

  18. I married a south African

  19. it's easy find an african born in Europe, or in amerikka

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